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Prairie House

1515 S PRAIRIE - South Loop Condo

About Prairie House

Located at 1515 S. Prairie, this residential development in Chicago's popular South Loop neighborhood offers homebuyers the perfect spot in which to settle down in comfort while enjoying the conveniences of urban living. This Chicago condo building is located directly across the street from Soldier Field. The residences at in the Prairie House integrate a touch of luxury with the everyday necessities to create the ultimate dream home. Convenient building services and the option to choose from a number of different layouts that incorporate varied room sizes give residents the chance to select a living space to fit their needs.

In addition to the building's unit sizes and floor plans, you probably want to know the details of purchasing a place here (like whether pets are welcome). Well, maybe that's not at the top of your list, but it's still important to recognize, especially if you have a little furry friend. Not to worry, Prairie House permits pets and doggie bags are even provided at the exits for convenient clean-up when you take Fido out for a walk.

But we were talking about other details that interest potential buyers...Maybe you were thinking more along the line of how much you can anticipate paying annually in assessments and taxes? Well, the average assessments for this lovely Chicago residence are $317 per month and the taxes typically cost $3,499 per year. So don't forget to factor that in when calculating your mortgage. And just to help you weigh the cost of buying real estate in this building, we've compiled the most up-to-date data to suffice your additional inquiries.

There are currently few 1-bedroom residences available in with an average listing price of $299,900 and an average selling price of $297,129. The price per square foot of a unit at 1515 S. Prairie is $315. The smallest units offer 860 square feet of living space, while the largest ones encompass 1233 square foot floorplans. Just to give you an idea of the going rate today for this particular site, a 1-bedroom unit most recently sold for $320,000 around 08/01/2007.

  • Neigborhood: South Loop
  • Total Number of Units: 187
  • Year Built: 2004
  • Air Conditioning: CEN AIR
  • Exterior: BR, CC
  • Common Amenities:
  • Garage: ATTACHED
  • Parking: ASSGND-1
  • Pet Policy: PETS ALLOWED
  • Close To The Lakefront
  • Close To A Bus Stop
  • Close To Public Parks
  • Close To A Dog Park
  • Near An Expressway

Available Units

Unit #415 - $275,000 - 1 bed/1.1 bath Unit #1319 - $264,999 - 1 bed/1.1 bath Unit #902 - $400,000 - 2 bed/2 bath Unit #401 - $315,000 - 1 bed/1.1 bath Unit #713 - $500,000 - 2 bed/2 bath

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    Condo Buildings Near Prairie House

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - C4 Tier
    C4 Tier

    Beds: 2 | Baths: 2.0 | Square Feet: 1288

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - C9 Tier
    C9 Tier

    Beds: 2 | Baths: 2.0 | Square Feet: 1253

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - E3 Tier
    E3 Tier

    Beds: 2 | Baths: 3.0 | Square Feet: 2210

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - A5 Tier
    A5 Tier

    Beds: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Square Feet: 944

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - B1 Tier
    B1 Tier

    Beds: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Square Feet: 1060

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - E15 Tier*
    E15 Tier*

    Beds: 3 | Baths: 3.0 | Square Feet: 2470

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - A4 Tier
    A4 Tier

    Beds: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Square Feet: 884

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - E1 Tier
    E1 Tier

    Beds: 3 | Baths: 2.0 | Square Feet: 2138

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - D1 Tier
    D1 Tier

    Beds: 2 | Baths: 2.0 | Square Feet: 1515

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - C1 Tier*
    C1 Tier*

    Beds: 3 | Baths: 3.0 | Square Feet: 1233

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - B4 Tier*
    B4 Tier*

    Beds: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Square Feet: 1125

    1515 S Prairie Floorplan - B2 Tier*
    B2 Tier*

    Beds: 1 | Baths: 1.5 | Square Feet: 1086